CityVoter Revived ...

It's been a while, hasn't it?

The common refrain in the world of technology: ideas are hatched, money is raised, products are developed, and hype is built.  Starting with two brothers in 2005, we at CityVoter rode this roller-coaster.  Sure, along the way we added some nerds. We added those with sales, marketing, and artistic-type-flair. We eventually ran our contests and curated our local businesses with what felt like a small army of 25-30 people.  When the love (money) ran low, we did the old "more with less" thing.  CityVoter ran fewer contests - but never seemed to lose the support of her businesses.  Local businesses all over the country have been reaching out - asking when our next contests will launch.  It's a level of enthusiasm, quite frankly, I didn't think would remain after all these years.

Well, a few months ago - we reached the moment where there powers that were - prepared to close CityVoter down. One of the founding brothers, me , decided no.

So here we are.  No, I'm not Steve Jobs.  I'm not claiming I'm back to turn this company into a multi-billion dollar global force; as cool as that would be.  But we're working through the backlog of old support tickets, business requests, and idiot bot posts. We're fixing the bugs.  Most importantly for our businesses, however, is that we're working to launch new contests and shine the spotlight on you again.  

Stay tuned, friends.


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