• Sep 19

    Spotlight on Success: Rheinlander Bakery

    Rheinlander Bakery is a German bakery in Arvada, Colorado that won the title of BEST Bakery on the Denver A-List and also has a large selection of sugar free, gluten free and dairy free pastries. This has helped them build a very loyal clientele that appreciates what the bakery caters for them.  They are Arvada’s oldest bakery and are looking forward to celebrating their 50th anniversary next year! They also specialize in traditional baked goods such as Strudels, and even have “Strudelfest” which is their fall celebration of everything strudel in conjunction with Oktoberfest.

    During the contest, Rheinlander Bakery was one of the businesses that received the most mobile votes. Consumers are on their smart phones all day, every day and utilizing the QR posters from the Business Center is a great tool to increase votes and make customers aware of your nomination while at your business. The bakery strategically placed the posters by their two registers to easily bring attention to them while their customers were paying. They also placed a poster on their outside window so passerbys who walked by during afterhours could also vote by simply scanning the window poster.

    The bakery has placed in the top 5 in the past couple years, but really ramped up their campaigning this year to grab the number one spot. If a customer was not familiar with the A-List, they educated their customer on it and encouraged them to vote via the poster in the bakery. For those less tech savvy customers, employees were readily available and willing to help them download QR readers for their smartphones.

    Not only was the bakery fully engaged during the contest, but they also ran a promotion after they won. Their “Taste of Rheinlander” event is a week long event that runs through this Saturday (September 22) to celebrate their win on the Denver A-List. They also are spreading the word about the bakery’s A-List win by including advertising on their boxes, which helps to bring attention to their win for customers who may not be as familiar with the contest.

    Have you used mobile voting to help promote your A-List nomination? Let us know in the comments!

  • Sep 18

    Mobile Ads for Your Business

    Mobile Advertising

    We know that mobile advertising can be a bit like a bad summer movie – over-hyped and unfulfilling (watch Expendables 2 and you’ll see what I mean). If you’ve tried mobile advertising in the past, the experience probably left you disappointed and a little surprised; most people pay a bunch of money for some clicks, their ad budgets vanish, and the promised customers never materialize…such is the business of buying accidental clicks and untrackable impressions.

    Want some tips for writing a great mobile ad:

    Keep it short and keep it simple! Mobile customers are on the move and have very little time – and we all know that customers these days have tiny attention spans. Here are some examples of ads from businesses, like yourselves, that have seen great results on AdLeads.  With mobile ad copy, less is much, much more.

    What is AdLeads:

    AdLeads and CityVoter want to provide all CityVoter businesses a special offer on a new way to run mobile ads and attract new local customers. It is a simple and intuitive self-serve platform that allows you to advertise on top mobile apps, like Pandora.  U.S. and Canadian-based businesses can target ads to specific metro areas, cities, states or the whole country to ensure getting the right customers for your business. Smartphone users who are interested in hearing from you will sign-up by providing their contact information – email address and zip code.  It is a great way to acquire new customers and communicate with them.

    Check out what businesses are saying about AdLeads:

    “AdLeads allows us to connect with patrons who are most likely to visit our restaurant time and again.”David Liatti, Owner, 61 Local Restaurant, Brooklyn, NY

    Christina Stembel, Founder, Farmgirl Flowers, San Francisco, CA says, “AdLeads is a great way to attract potential new customers, and set-up was super quick and easy.”

    Get Started:

    We are offering $75 in free mobile ad credit to CityVoter businesses redeemable right here. You’ll then receive an email with a confirmation link – click on the confirmation link to create your account, sign-in and create your campaign.

    This is a guest post by Hayden Simmons, the head of business development at Pontiflex. If you have any questions about mobile advertising with AdLeads, he can be reached at haydens@pontiflex.com.

  • Aug 16

    The “Vote For Us” Tab for Your Facebook Fan Page

    At CityVoter, we talk to small business owners across the country every day. And when we talk to them about how they reach voters, the one constant is Facebook. It’s fun, it’s easy and it works. Now it works a little better. The new and improved version of the “Vote For Us” Tab is here.

    Step-by-Step Instructions for Adding the “Vote For Us” Tab to your Facebook Fan Page


    The “Vote For Us” Tab features prominent contest branding, up-to-the-minute stats, and a large photo that you can choose in the Business Center. In addition, the Tab will showcase past awards, recent votes and any Voter Deals that you are offering.


    When voting is happening, direct Facebook Fans to your Tab for an easy way to campaign. Voters will see the giant “Vote For Us” button and know what you want them to do. It’s a great way to campaign and will help drive likes to your Fan Page.


    After the Contest is over, the “Vote For Us” Tab will thank your voters and promote any awards that you have won.

    Adding the “Vote For Us” Tab

    To add the tab, log in to the Business Center and head to the Facebook section. Or, for step-by-step instructions, refer to this article.

    Have you added the “Vote For Us” Tab? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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